November 2014

Why Professional Photographers Should Walk Away from Working for Free.

Why Professional Photographers Should Not Work for Free. This touches on a subject that I have to admit, frustrates me a little. In a day and age where cameras are becoming ever more widely available and accessible, being a professional… Continue Reading →

Should a Wedding Photographer give every single unedited image?

A friend of mine recently got married, a beautiful marriage I might add. As an usher, I automatically became the, ‘photography consultant’. Whenever there was a question or concern with the photographer, (there wasn’t many to be fair) I would… Continue Reading →

Phillip Parnell Photography – The first blog post!

Well, here it is! Phillip Parnell Photography – The first blog post! When it comes to photography, I am always bursting with thoughts ideas and opinions. So I figured, what better place to get some of them down than in… Continue Reading →

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